Cura version 5 appimage failed start

I am on Manjaro up to date to latest.
I have try with all Cura5 version from aur…and with all Cura 5xxx version from ultimakers
I have the problem since 5 months so i have wait the latest update to be convince to have
all the latest QT6…and new revision of cura 5… but nothing to do…

The errors :

Available styles: Windows, Fusion
QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
QQmlComponent: Component is not ready

I have search on many website but found any trick to solve this.

I have post too on ultimaker forums because another have the problems with others distrib. my pseudo ( alfcura)

Many thanks if someone have found the trick. Have a nice days.

But what appimage did you download? There is:
-this seems to work also in VM.

You could try to use:
QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE="" name_of_the_qt_app

Hello Bogdancovaciu you are Wonderfull. This work.
Like i have says i have done the try with all the Cura 5 appimage available.


Many many thanks.
This work…after so many search i am a bit confusing this will be so simple trick and don’t have thinks to this Qt Styles. Arghhh…

So this the linux-modern version that works for me…with your trick…
Thank’s again.

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