CUPS wrapper for Brother not working

After the latest Manjaro update with Plasma 6, I did a fresh installation.

My printer Brother HL-L8360CDW model is not listed in CUPS. No driver available through CUPS.

This printer works fine on my original Manjaro installation. Also this printer works fine on a Manjaro lap top that is not updated yet.

The way that I installed this printer and got it working without the driver being listed in CUPS - was to install two files specific to my printer - from the AUR.

Installing brother-hll8360cdw-cups-bin and brother-hll8360cdw-lpr-bin from the AUR previously enabled CUPS to install my printer and driver. With this new fresh Manjaro installation, I also installed these two files from the AUR. However since the most recent Manjaro update, CUPS is not seeing or able to use these two installed files.

Searching for help - I came across an article for packaging Brother Printer Drivers - but that help said to start off with those two exact same files for my specific printer - as a template, and then modify them for other brother printers.

In very basic instructions, can anyone help with getting CUPS able to use those two files so I can install my printer on this fresh installation? Thank you.

I am fairly certain that you can use the Brother HL-L8260CDW series, driverless, cups-filters 2.0.0

Install the package manjaro-printer and the kcm package print-manager that was that was needed for the HL-L8260CDW I have on my network.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately that is not the solution. Both manjaro-printer and print-manager are installed on this fresh install.

I should add to my original post - that CUPS can see the wireless printer - Brother HL-L8260CDW. But that particular model is not selectable from the make/model drop down list. CUPS has no compatible driver for it.

Before the latest Manjaro big update - Installing brother-hll8360cdw-cups-bin and brother-hll8360cdw-lpr-bin from the AUR previously enabled CUPS to install printer and driver. I just found this comment on the ARCH user repository. Latest comment from package creator dated 18th May 2024 :frowning:

Can anybody help with a solution?

Lade dir hier das Install tool herunter und damit installierst du deinen Drucker:

Download the install tool here and use it to install your printer:

A slight rewrite of my PKGBUILD for hl-l8260cdw to be used with hl-l8360cdw

pkgdesc="CUPS wrapper for Brother HL-L8360CDW printer"
arch=("i686" "x86_64")
license=("Brother EULA")

package() {
    tar -xf data.tar.gz -C "${pkgdir}"
    mkdir -p -m 755 "${pkgdir}/usr/share/cups/model"
    mkdir -p -m 755 "${pkgdir}/usr/lib/cups/filter"
    ln -s "/opt/brother/Printers/${_printer}/cupswrapper/brother_${_printer}_cups_en.ppd" \
    ln -s "/opt/brother/Printers/${_printer}/cupswrapper/ldpwrapper" \