[CUPS] Wiki will need to be updated

As noticed by another user on the forum, the wiki still mentions the old name of the unit files for CUPS.

The documentation will need to be updated, changing all instances of the old names for the new ones.

With Google, I found three articles mentioning “org.cups.cupsd” in them.


Gotchyu fam :wink: (should be done already)


I ran into a few issues with manjaro on my pinephone for a rather stupid reason: I did not realise that the device runs an update service in the background when it runs the first time.
The explanations on the wiki are a bit misleading on that point (Manjaro-ARM - Manjaro) since there is no OEM setup, but a graphical interface that pops up directly from the graphical environment. This is neater but it would be worst changing the content of the wiki page to warn that the user should be patient and leave some time for the device to update itself, rather than switch it off or (in my case) to delete the lock file and force a manual update.
By the way, kudos for all the work!