CUPS printing unable to open raster stream - Broken pipe

I’m trying to install my printer Samsung Xpress M2026W with CUPS on my raspberry pi 400 with Manjaro XFCE.
I used the splix_ppd_m2020.ppd file
Also I added the cups-filters package
Also I added the pstoqpdl and rastertoqpdl filters in the /usr/lib/cups/filter directory
In the error_log file I found this message:
Unable to open raster stream - : Broken pipe
Job stopped due to filter errors.
The same printer is working fine with the same method on the Raspberry pi with raspberry pi OS.
Can someone help me ? Thank you in advance


splix package is already available in our repository and those two files belong to it. Overwriting them manually with other files that might not be the same version could lead to issues. Also, when an update will come up, you will get the already in filesystem error … So, reinstall splix - reboot and test again.

thank you very much for your suggestion.
I did this way, I removed the filters and I re-installed the splix package, and the filter error disappeared ! Great !
Strangely enough I was not able to print yet.
The printer activate itself when I clic “Print Test Page” and the job state appear as “Completed” but no print job come out of the printer.
No error appear in the error_log file !
Any hint would be very appreciated …

That usually happens when the printer filter queue is set to raw in both client and server. You should avoid that.
See the red warning on CUPS - ArchWiki