CUPS not working after update to

I just updated my system (Tuesday 28 Feb) and CUPS no longer responds to http://localhost:631

The browser window hangs for a while and then says it timed out.

I set the logging level to debug and in there I saw this:

I [28/Feb/2023:09:10:00 +0000] Unable to open listen socket for address [v1.::1]:631 - Address family not supported by protocol.
I [28/Feb/2023:09:10:00 +0000] Listening to on fd 7…
I [28/Feb/2023:09:10:00 +0000] Listening to /run/cups/cups.sock on fd 8…

The version of CUPS I now have is

I have spent an hour googling and trying various suggestions without success. Any help appreciated…


sudo systemctl enable cups.service
sudo systemctl start cups.service


I made those changes but it only worked after a system restart.

I am curious, what was it about the update that stopped this working?