Cups not running and won't start after latest update

Trying to print fails:

lpr: Error - No default destination.

Running cupsenable on the cli seems to do nothing. Trying to start the service from the Mate->System Settings->Print Settings dialog is failing as well. That dialog says,

Printing service not available. Start the service on this computer or connect to another server.

Localhost port 631 shows nothing.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What you mention is not a Manjaro command

sudo systemctl enable --now cups

Then check the status of the service

systemctl status cups
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sudo is not needed for status command.

Thanks, this worked! Much appreciated. Do I need to do anything to make it permanent, or am I good for now?

The top command with the --now is equivalent to the two old commands enable & start
start starts the service and enable sets the service to autostart.

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Many thanks!

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