Cuda 12 package for arch. Can we install it in Manjaro?

I can see there’s an arch package for CUDA 12.

Manjaro currently only has CUDA 11.8.

Basically 2 questions.

  1. What is that " Community-Staging" repository?

  2. And how can I manually install that package on my manjaro? ( I want to have CUDA 12 )

Thank you.

You want it, you wait for it.


Arch: Staging > Testing > Stable > Manjaro: Unstable > Testing > Stable.

Wait for the trickle… :wink:

Also the current NVIDIA driver (525.60.11) does not support CUDA 12 yet. See CUDA 12.0 Release Notes


ah ok, I see.
Thank you.

Is there some sort of timeline, like every when packages go to the next tier?

When it’s deemed to be ready and not a moment before. As I quickly added as an edit to my post above…

I suppose it does.

CUDA 12.0.x >=525.60.13

CUDA 12.0 Release Notes

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The current stable NVIDIA driver is 525.60.11. :wink:

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