Ctrl+shift+c does not copy

When i try to use ctrl+shift+c i get this weird box appear any ideas please ctrl+shift+v dosent paste as well. but if i right click copy then paste it works but im not sure im copping 100% of the cmd.

I guess you mean in a terminal ?
Which terminal emulator ?


Hi there thanks for your reply .


Thats firefox … you just use the regular ctrl+c or ctrl+v there like everywhere else on your desktop.
Only in the terminal do you need the shift (ex - ctrl+c in terminal is usually halt current operation)


Ohhhhhhh fantastic i wasn’t aware that i had to close out of the forum to use the terminal .Many thanks

Demonstration… do the following:


You can copy the above ping line using Ctrl+c here in firefox

Then use Ctrl+Shift+v to paste it into your desktop terminal.

Let that run for 5 seconds or so … then hit Ctrl+c (the process will end)

Then scroll up and copy some section of the output using Ctrl+Shift+c

And you paste it back into your browser using Ctrl+v


Ok so ill close out of firefox and o
pen terminal ?

ok cool ill do it that way thankyou brb

Ok its running nest step please

Its all there … next step is the next line … hit ctrl+c

(I reformatted it to be more step-by-step circular)

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thanks not sure why ,your messages come in dribs and drabs i see it now

I have a tendency to ninja edit.
I should put a line in my profile with “please wait 5 minutes for @cscs messages to fully load” :sweat_smile:


Hmm you say to copy some section ,im confused how much to copy is it only one line or several.?

Doesnt matter … I dont need to see it …
It was just to demonstrate how it works - which is roughly just that everywhere its regular ctrl+c/v for copy/paste, and in terminal you need the extra shift.

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oh ok ill try that thanks again

Cheers :+1:

Ok i get it now all good issue solved thanks again

You don’t. The window you want to use has to be in focus, though. :wink:

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Ohhhh thats great thanks so much @Yochanan

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