Ctrl+F in forum


Hi everyone,

I’d like to know if it’s possible to disable the C+F search mechanic of the forum or if there is another shortcut for what C+F usually does.



I don’t think it can be changed. What do you want to do with Ctrl-F?


Well, sometimes I’m reading a thread and wish to go back to an answer I read 5 min ago and the only thing I remember about it are certain keywords.


Because Discourse uses an “infinite scroll” mechanic they have overridden CTRL-F so that it will search the thread rather than the visible text.

For “normal” text search you can use other search triggers like / or F3 depending on your browser setup.


I didn’t know about the other options. It’s great. / seems to do the same as Ctrl+F, but F3 does the trick :smiley:



I’m confused about this forum software. Sometimes ctrl + F opens the seach box in Firefox but sometimtes it opens the search dialog of the forum software (magnifier).
I can not see a clear strategy when it will use the seach in Firefox and when in the forum software. It’s also in the same session, just different tabs in Firefox.

Most puzzled I’m even about ctrl + F is opening the seach function of the forum software. According the the Shortcut help page it should be ctrl + alt + F but I don’t press the alt-key!

BTW: I hate such shortcuts and IMHO they should not be used on a website in a browser.


Have you tried F3? It works great for me.


But I’d prefer ctrl + F anyway and I don’t know, why ctrl + F is hooked by the forum software, what only ctrl + alt + F should do.


I agree.



Here, Ctrl+F twice search first in the forum (discord) & then in the page (firefox & maybe others brows too…)