Grub updating problems

I have a customized /etc/default/grub. Each of the last 2 times grub has been updated, my /etc/default/grub has been overwritten with a mismesh of the default and some of my custom entries. I have had to restore it from backup each time. Is there a problem with the install script? It should not be overwriting my /etc/default/grub file.

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Yes, I have experienced the same thing as you. My /etc/default/grub gets overwritten, and this should not happen. Instead, the new configuration file should be saved with a .pacnew suffix.

Maybe someone on the @Manjaro-Team can shed some more light on this?

The PKGBUILD appears as it should


i see a grub.pacnew… howeever, my grub is still getting overwritten. Am i missing something fundamental that has changed with grub?

Looking at the install script, it seems that it runs only on first install, not updates. :thinking: Could some other package be overwriting the config? Grub-theme or plymouth-theme perhaps? Do you have any of those installed?

The Manjaro GRUB theme was indeed updated yesterday.

Aaaand we have the culprit. I think.
@doctorx are these the changes that get introduced?

The link I posted is wrong, but the same issue is present on the right package. It runs the installation process unnecessarily on updates. We are fixing that.

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yea… that makes sense… it kept my kernal options lines… but everything else was set back to default.

Thanks for finding the problem.