Ctrl+e = open the same dolphin instance

is there a way to allow just one dolphin session? so as when i click “ctrl+e” it opens the running dolphin window and does not open a new window?

There must be a way.

Ctrl+e just runs ‘dolphin’ and will create a new window for me every time. That setting is in ‘shortcuts’ and to me, it is a little annoying.

I can set that to do dolphin --new-window.

I set it to open ‘HOME’ with a gesture/shortcut

dolphin --new-window ~


So I guess I’m going to go with xdotool, because I have the old-but-good desktop. If you use the new-slicker-but-non-functioning one, you’ll have to investigate ydotool :wink:


for WINDOW in $(xdotool search --desktop 0 dolphin);
    do     xdotool windowactivate ${WINDOW}

Gets the Dolphin window up if it’s hidden…


for WINDOW in $(xdotool search --desktop 0 dolphin);
    do     xdotool windowactivate ${WINDOW}; xdotool key ctrl+t

This one gets it up and ‘presses’ Ctrl_T.

So to manage this: [First copy that script into clipboard, Ctrl+C]

I first made it a script ‘dolt’ in my $PATH

Now you can cancel Ctrl+E or bind it to somthing else :wink:

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