CSM Support and Boot Drive Priority Missing

I have 3 drives on my computer, my main SSD with windows 11 (previously windows 10 before issues started), a hard drive and a second SSD running Plasma.

When I updated to windows 11 I had to completely turn off CSM support, my motherboards (Aorus b360) bios now no longer gives me options to change my boot priority.

This of course is an issue, as now I’m locked into windows and can’t get into Linux. The only way that I could figure out to get back in, was to enable CSM support (It’s still in UEFI mode) then put my secondary SSD as priority 1, but as mentioned before, now I can’t get back into windows without once again disabling all CSM support.
Is there any way that I can continue to choose what to boot into without needing to change my CSM support each time? Thanks.

Are you sure that all your drives and OSes are EFI/GPT installed and compatible? I strongly suspect you have a mix of both. And that Manjaro on the second SSD is actually on MBR.

You can check in Gparted - there should be a small fat32 partition with esp flag, mounted at /boot or /boot/efi, also, if you go in gparted in View-Device it will show you the partition table type - gpt or mbr.

Another way is to open a terminal and type ls /sys/firmware/efi - if there are no files listed, you are on MBR.

So if you have a mix of both your EFI firmware probably cannot handle them at the same time (no idea if it is at all possible) and maybe you will have to convert Manjaro SSD in GPT.

CSM conflicts with IOMMU - maybe the reason WIn11 uses IOMMU now??

I checked using the terminal and gparted, and my drive is in fact MBR (it lists it as MSDOS partition table). All of my drives on my computer are listed with this.

I couldn’t find the fat32 partition or anything with an esp flag, except for on my windows drive. The drives were also listed under /dev/ then sda, sdb and sdc.

I guess considering it is MBR my best course of action would be to boot on a usb and convert it to gpt, although I am unsure what commands to use. I’m also ok with everything on the drive being erased as everything important is stored on my HDD.

I have not done a conversion myself, cannot help.