CS:GO screentearing problem

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I installed Manjaro XFCE version but moved to Budgie desktop due to powermangement problems. after that i install CS:GO via steam and everything works fine except one thing, screen tearing. normally i should enable VSync(Vertical Sync) to solve the problem. but even with Tripple Bufferd VSync, theres still screen tearing. i searched a little and found that maybe disabling Composition will solve the problem. but i found that in budgie theres no way to disable Composition because mutter doesnt have this feature. How do i disable Composition or solve screentearing?

Not familiar with Budgie or which compositor it uses, but here’s something you can try on the Nvidia side of things.

Use sudo to launch nvidia-settings with administrator privileges.

sudo nvidia-settings

Then go to X Server Display Configuration and expand the Advanced options.

Under the Advanced settings, enable Force Full Composition Pipeline.

Then click Apply, and next click Save to X Configuration File.

Make sure to save it as /etc/X11/mhwd.d/nvidia.conf

This assumes you’re not using a custom-made .conf file. Either way, you can always redo or remove any errant files at a later time.

Finally, go to OpenGL Settings and enable Sync to VBlank.

Apply and exit, then reboot.

See if it makes a difference?


Where did you set this? In the game? In Budgie?

@winnie Hi :smiley: i found the solution you posted here on internet, but unfortunately i don’t have any of this settings on my nvidia-settings. and forum doesnt let me upload a photo of it, i dont know why :expressionless:
I had those settings while i was on xfce, but after switching to budgie, they’re all gone :frowning:

And yes, i enabled Tripple Bufferd VSync in the game.

Did you follow the part about using sudo?

Which version of the Nvidia proprietary drivers are you using?

Yes i used sudo and theres no change , i also tried prime-run with sudo , and no change.
i installed nvidia and intel drivers with mhwd , here are installed drivers: https: //file.io/PV95zHfwxiXN
heres a picture of my nvidia-settings: https: //file.io/rXDuqXpxhCxb

So you’re using hybrid graphics. I have no experience using Nvidia dGPU + Intel iGPU on the same laptop.

What surprises me is how limited nvidia-settings is for Nvidia Prime users. :neutral_face:

Anyone else know if that’s normal?

i’m suprised too :frowning:
thanks for your help !

yeah this is normal i have prime nvidia / amd and there is like hardly any options in there

i also experienced screen tearing in games like t1m3runn3r2359 , i am using KDE plasma instead though and i managed to resolve my issues by unchecking “allow applications to block compositing” in my settings

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