Cs go and dota 2 high ping problem

When I try to play CS Go and Dota 2 on Steam, my ping values are very high. When the game is on, when I check the task manager, the network of the game is in use both upload and download 50 kb / s.

Is there in-game download occurring? Some Steam workshop background tasks? I guess you better ask on these games forum to people who all play and know these games.

Also if you play on servers far from you, you’ll have high ping.
Some servers may have settings to have extremely low latency but that may increase the network activity and if you have bad internet it will cause high ping.

There is no download in the steam downloads section while playing the game. and while playing games, I play on servers suitable for myself. The funny thing is that I have never experienced such things while playing these games in windows environment.

Try a different kernel.
I have an issue with Dota2/CSGO too, though it’s a different one. Switching from 11/12 to 10 worked for me so far. Similarly, I run dual-boot, no issues on Windows too.

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