Cron/Cronie not installed

Hi, newbie here. Have multiple Debian/Ubuntu machines and thought it would be fun to try out an Arch distribution. So I installed Manjaro-ARM-xfce-rock64-22.06 on my Rock64. I’ve been able to fairly well translate my knowledge, but am running into a bit of confusion regarding Cron. In looking through the Wiki, it appears that Cronie is the Arch equivalent, but it wasn’t included in the package. So, I’m just double checking, should I install Cronie and proceed as if it’s the same as Cron? If so, what’s the equivalent of Crontab?
Thanks so much for any and all help/assistance.

Sure, why not.

You can also make use of systemd timers.

Thank you!

There’s also Task Scheduler which will set personal/system cron jobs, and KAlarm works pretty well too for scripts 'n stuff.

If you don’t fancy using SystemD timers, but want to still benefit from more vaguely defined cronjobs, I warmly recommend checking out FCron.

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