Critical warning displayed in terminal upon boot


Not to sure If Im posting this in the correct section?

Recently I tried to remove PEffects and install install Pipewire via a guide I found on here. TLDR - I cant use Pipewire as my Jack uses something called the D-bus to boot with and Pipewire doesn’t support that yet (apparently).

Now when I boot I get errors auto pop up in a terminal window … The dependencies error I have put separate post up about, but recently I am also getting a load of critical errors pop up and I have no clue what it means or how to fix it :frowning:

Is this something that I need to worry about as my system seems to run fine?

Alternatively if anyone can help with my other post about the dependency issue, that would be great as I nothing I try seems to make a difference n now Im getting worried that Im actually causing more issues with all this tinkering :thinking:


Just in case anyone else gets this issue … It was resolved in this post

Inxi -Fazy says pipewire is running, but I cannot delete it as Add/Remove says it isnt installed? - #44 by GCandy77 :slight_smile:

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