CrewLink for Linux

Is it possible to run CrewLink on Linux? I downloaded the tar.gz file from
(Releases · ottomated/CrewLink · GitHub)
and followed the instructions on this page:
(CrewLink - Free, open, Among Us proximity voice chat.)
Unfortunately I ran in a few errors, which I can post if you want, but is CrewLink for Linux at all?
I also tried to run the .exe file from the CrewLink releases with wine, which didn’t work as well.

Builded release are only for windows, so linux support seems to be missing

Project page is GitHub - ottomated/CrewLink: Free, open, Among Us Proximity Chat


According to this Reddit post and this open issue in the project’s GitHub page, it only works on Windows for now.

In the second posted link, there is a reference to a fork of the project that is supposed to work on Linux. It’s this one here:

There are instructions to build it, but it wasn’t tested on Arch/Manjaro (only on Ubuntu according to the developer), so you’re basically on your own on that one.


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