Creative Recon3Di only works AFTER suspending

I have a Gigabyte G1 Sniper Z97 motherboard with a Creative Recon3Di aka CA0132 sound chip on board.

After a fresh boot I don’t get any sound using the rear headphone-jack, only on the front headphone jack I get sound but also only on the left side.

But if I suspend the system and resume from suspend, the rear headphone jack starts working fine and as expected.

I’ve tried a lot of stuff I could find on Google but none of them could resolve my issue, neither I found out why suspending resolves my issue.

My goal is to have the rear headphone jack working, without the need of suspending every time.

I hope anyone will have an answer for me, why suspending fixes the output on the rear headphone jack.

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The onboard audio device was one of a few Creative Audio devices mentioned in this ALSA bug report
55541 – No Sound Creative Soundblaster Z |

I suggest first to check if package alsa-firmware is installed to provide the audio drivers needed for Creative Audio devices

If that package is installed, please post system information

inxi -Fazy

And then post ALSA information about the audio hardware in the non-working state when system is first booted. and run the command again after resuming from suspend with audio devices working

sudo --upload

Comparing the 2 data sets should reveal any problems after booting