Creating virtual monitor for teamviewer?

I’m trying to create a virtual monitor in order to connect a to server without any physical monitor connected at it.

The server doesn’t have any integrated graphics cards like intel, if I remember correctly, but it has 2 nvidia gpus used to connect physical display monitor on them.

I followed a couple of online guides creating virtual monitor using X by adding a conf file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf but no luck.

Essentially after the new conf and reboot when connecting to server using teamviewer I can see the sddm screen but it is not showing the input textbox to enter username and password to open xfce gui.

Any ideas how to resolve this?

Teamviewer doesn’t care about display.

I have used Teamviewer on headless Windows and that works as expected.

If however the server in question is a Manjaro based server and you must have X running - you should consider using VNC over SSH.

Why I can’t have teamviewer? It worked fine with two displays connected!

Apparently there’s some issue with teamviewer:

But to provide a bit more context regarding the issue.
This machine doesn’t have an onboard graphics display instead any previously plugged in monitors where powered by 2 nvidia gpus.

The display manager is sddm and GUI is xfce + i3.
Previously with 2 monitors connected everything was working fine when using teamviewer.

Now the monitors are not connected any more to any of the gpu cards.

Thus, when I use teamviewer I always land on the display manager (sddm) and greated by the following blurred image, but I don’t see a way to insert username and password.

After some search I ended on the following guide for nvidia drivers with an explanation of the steps listed here.

I followed the steps but still am getting the same blurred image greeting from the display manager without a way to enter username/pass to access xfce gui.

Removing the display manager and again connecting with teamviewer I land on a shell prompt asking for username/pass and after successful input it drops me into my bash shell.

The question is first and foremost what’s wrong here that’s preventing me from accessing the GUI via teamviewer, and second any ideas how to solve this?

All I am saying - for the usecase you describe - teamviewer is not free - and VNC over SSH works better for Linux than teamviewer.

Teamviewer is what is wrong. The usecase is unsupported.

Teamviewer is a commercial product - you will have to ask Teamviewer how to handle your setup.

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Are there any data to support this?

I’m only asking here thinking that there might be some manjaro specific settings in this case, as for teamviewer there’s a free license as well.

Manjaro has no special config for teamviewer to function.

And yes Teamviewer has a free license but it is likely they have put in limitations as they now offer a personal license - like due to CoVid and the sudden increase in Work-From-Home scenarios.

I am still of the opinion you should talk to teamviewer support - it is a closed source product and no-one knows better than their support - right?