Creating shortcut and separate icon for FF Nightly

I followed the walk through here, but I’m stuck at #5. I’ve found the executable firefox, but don’t know how to create the shortcut. I’m using Gnome if that makes a difference.

Also, I opened Firefox Nightly, however, in the dock it uses Firefox’s regular orange icon, how can I change that?


Desktop icons are text files and are created/edited by hand.


A few posts down in the thread you mention is an example .desktop file.

I have it installed manually and manually update directly from mozilla. Here is mine, which you would have to edit with a text editor. I have mine in /home/my user name/.local/share/applications/ I would think that yours should be in /usr/share/applications if you installed via pamac. In xfce panel, you can create a launcher, point to the executable and chose an icon from the firefox nightly installation in firefox nightly/browser/chrome/icons/default/ I am not a gnome user so I cannot comment on how to achieve this in gnome.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Firefox Nightly
Exec='/home/my user name/Software/firefox nightly/firefox'
Icon=/home/my user name/Software/firefox nightly/browser/chrome/icons/default/default128.png
Path=/home/my user name/Software/firefox nightly

Thank you.

I was able to find it opens as Firefox Nightly, but uses the regular FF instance and regular FF icon. I cannot get it to be a standalone instance. Any ideas?

Check associations in mimeapps.list located in /home/your user name/.config/

have it open…what do I do about it? :slight_smile:

Is ff nightly set as default browser in ff settings? As far as mimeapps.list you can check for file types that you want to open with nightly e.g. htm, HTML etc

Do these actually work with the spaces in them? Especially the unquoted ones?

yes my user name=jrichard if that is what you are talking about, I just put my user etc for demonstration purposes. If I click on the .desktop file in local/applications, I get the untrusted warning, launch anyway, blah , blah, but it works.

I more meant that. but hey, as you say, if it works :woman_shrugging:

yep that is how I set the folder up for the manual installation firefox nightly, no underscore. I know it goes against convention, but works anyway.