Creating LACP Ethernetbond on 2013 MacPro does not work

Hi everyone,

I want to use my 2013 Trashcan Mac Pro with Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma. On MacOS the machine is connected via an LACP-Link-Aggregation and before installing Linux I wanted to recreate the same configuration on the Live USB-system.
When booting up, the system automatically connects the first of the two Broadcom BCM57762-NICs connect to my network, get an IP-Address and work. Second NIC stalls while connecting. Even after disabling the first connection, the second won’t connect.
When I try to create a bond-Virtual Device, the Computer wont connect either. My HP-1920 Switch disables the second bonded port, with an error, as Speeds wont match.
Running modprobe bonding didn’t help. I tried to configure the bond via Plasma-GUI and nmtui (I created a bond, set both Ethernetports as bonded ports and mode to 802.3ad) with no avail. Plasma always shows the status “Setting hardware address”. When booting back to MacOS, everything works as expected.

I don’t know where else to look or what to do.