Creating Bootable USB Drives from ISO that isn't bootable like ESXi

So I know there is Etcher, Unetbootin, DD, etc…

Unfortunately these are missing a vital aspect compared to Rufus. When you create a USB stick with Rufus it has an option that includes “UEFI and BIOS” as well as a “MBR”. They are drop downs and have additional options also but these above are default. This makes the USB boot-able in both UEFI and BIOS.

This is important if the ISO doesn’t have a boot-able ability build into the ISO. For example, ESXi VMWare ISO’s.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a GUI based USB creator that has the feature similar to Rufus but for Linux. Or if not a GUI, then how to do this in the terminal.

Of course avoiding Windows is the goal…

If you have a support contract with VMWare, raise a ticket with VMWare to include the EFI / MBR on their ISOs as they support Linux too.

If no one ever asks, they’ll never provide anything.


Having said that, GNU xorisso seems to be what you’re after… Tons of options, but never tried it. (Just used google-foo)


I dont have a support contract with vMWare. I have a VMUG license which is basically $180 for bundle of vMWare products.

I was previously using a standard eval license but recently found this product called VMUG. Its AWESOME!

Still had to use Windows to write the ISO to USB with RUFUS.

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Writing and booting from ISO is no longer relevant. Use Ventoy!