Creating a shortcut for nerd-dictation on Manjaro XFCE

Any help for creating keyboard shortcut in Manjaro?

I launch nerd-dictation from terminal and it works with the command:

/home/myhome/nerd-dictation/nerd-dictation begin --vosk-model-dir=/home/myhome/nerd-dictation/model --full-sentence --continuous --config --idle-time=1&

I tried copying this into the xfce shorcut editor, but it does nothing. What I am missing?

Don’t know but

looks wrong…

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No problem with, it is a config file and it works in terminal (ponctuation is the french word for punctuation)

Have you tried

sh -c "/home/myhome/nerd-dictation/nerd-dictation begin --vosk-model-dir=/home/myhome/nerd-dictation/model --full-sentence --continuous --config --idle-time=1&"

in the Xfce shortcut editor?

A space between final option and job control ampersand --idle-time=1 &

Thanks but finally I found simpler to use the Enable/Disable microphone shortcut, as nerd-dictation keep running and does not need time to start.