Creating a Bootable USB with GPT

I have bought a new Gaming PC and I want to install Manjaro GNOME on it now. I read that the USB Stick should be in GPT Format for the reason that it is the more latest than MBR.
I used Balena Etcher before, but I can’t selct GPT there.
Does anyone know with which programm I can format a GPT USB Stick, and should I really need GPT?

I have a MSI H510M-A Pro Mainboard. Thanks in Advance!

The format does not matter as the iso is (usually) written to the raw device.
The USB essentially becomes a CD drive once you write the iso to it.

Use ventoy if you can - it is easier to handle and you can still use the USB thing for regular storage as well.

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Manjaro’s ISO’s are of hybrid design, you can either boot them in BIOS or UEFI mode by selecting the UEFI or non-UEFI entry from your firmware in case your firmware is capable to boot in both modes.