Create separated encrypted /home

I just migrated from Fedora to Manjaro.
My computer has a system SSD and a data HDD. For the moment the HDD still contain the data from the old installation and manjaro is installed on the SSD.

I found how to move my /home on the HDD by modifying fstab in some others topics. That’s not the problem.

But, I would like this /home to be encrypted with the same password than the SSD. And I also would like the system don’t ask for password a second time (when you have everything on one disk it ask for the password once. I guess it shouldn’t be different with two disks). Should it be done with Gparted ? It doesn’t propose to format in LUKS which seems to be the standard for encrypted partition.

Thank you very much.

EDIT : it seems the beginning of the solution is not GParted, but cryptsetup.
EDIT2 : ok I begin to understand how it is made.
I have to edit /etc/crypttab and to add this kind of line
luks-da59b8ba-d077-476b-beb9-e48f0e8e3935 UUID=da59b8ba-d077-476b-beb9-e48f0e848f0e8e3935 /crypto_keyfile.bin luks
For the <device> field it’s ok, I know the UUID of the partition. The <option> is ok too, I want to use luks.
I am more annoyed with the two others fields <name> and <password>.
For name first : the same name appear in /etc/fstab, so I am supposed to choose a mounting name and it will work as long as both name match ? Or do I will it be mounted by another parameter and I will have to find this parameter ?
About the password: I guess the crypto_keyfile.bin contain the encryption key. So what I want is to encrypt my HDD with this keyfile ? How am I supposed to do ?

There is the second solution to create the file crypto_keyfile.bin for auto decryption at startup:

I recommend you try encrypted partitions in VM like testing and see if it works. If it works, you can try it on the live system.

I finally find it more simple to reinstall all the system with a manual partitioning. Now I have a clean install and it work as I want.
Still thank you for your answer.