Create bootable usb

Im using manjaro now but i want to switch to nitrux distro. I have no idea how to make my usb flash bootable. Is there any app like rufus for arch linux?

Use Ventoy

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Or use simply dd:

=> to view a list of all drives currently attached to your system run this command: lsblk

=> umount /dev/sdc* (if sdc is your usb-devive)

=> change to the directory where the ISO is located

=> then you can ls (list / take a look at) your file with: ls *.iso

=> now we should see our ISO file, and we’re inside the same directory with it.

=> since, we’re already in the right directory, we can use:

sudo dd if=[name-of-iso.iso] of=/dev/sdc bs=1M status=progress conv=fdatasync