Create an x86_64 image with plasma-mobile

It would be really nice to have an x86_64 image the is preconfigured for plasma-mobile. I am looking to get a Surface Go and install plasma-mobile on it. I tried installing it via the AUR but a lot of configuration needs to be done to make it work as e.g. on the Pinephone.

x86 is no longer an option

Also, regarding ARM packages, as is plasma-mobile, see here

I meant x86_64. Sorry

What do you mean? It shouldn’t be a problem to compile the relevant packages for x86_64

plasma-mobile is already in the repositories, same as the settings for it. Packages | manjaro

You just have to install it and copy all from /etc/skel/ to your home directory of the already installed system.

It is not that simple unfortunately. This will give me a desktop with the plasma-mobile shell, yes. Windows will still have borders and buttons to minimize, close etc. I will have to manually install the plasma-mobile login manager, which I haven’t found so far. Then get rid of a lot of Plasma desktop applications and probably do some more configuring to get a pleasing experience. I thought that since all of this configuration has already been done for the Pinephone, you could just package an image with it for x86_64.

Ah well, I guess the configuratons in /etc/skel take care of most things. I will try that.