Create a temporary repository with Gnome 3.38 applications

It so happened that I have not updated the system for a long time, I myself have Gnome Shell and applications 3.36
I would like to update Gnome Shell and programs to 3.38.
But 40.0 programs have already been released in the Manjaro repositories, such as Nautilus.

Is it possible to create a temporary repository (snapshot) for versions 3.38 ?

It would be nice if Manjaro, after a major update of the main repository (for example, the release of a new Gnome Shell, etc.), would retain the old snapshot of the repository and replace it with the release of a new one.

Any specific reason you want to stick with 3.38 instead of 40?

I just want to first update the system to 3.38 and fix new bugs, make a backup working version, and then when Gnome Shell 40 and applications 40 are workable and fully translated into Russian, I will update further.

For example, I am testing the latest update on VirtualBox and already had to roll back Nautilus from 40 to 3.38 due to nautilus 40 does not open under admin

And also packages:
gvfs-smb (1.48.0-2 → 1.46.2-1)
gvfs-mtp (1.48.0-2 → 1.46.2-1)
gvfs-google (1.48.0-2 → 1.46.2-1)
gvfs-goa (1.48.0-2 → 1.46.2-1)
gvfs-afc (1.48.0-2 → 1.46.2-1)
gvfs (1.48.0-2 → 1.46.2-1)

Thanks in advance.

That is entirely on you - Gnome 40 has been in the works quite some time - if you have not updated since 3.36 you are effectively using an unsupported system.

That is what the branches do - sync arch stable to Manjaro unstable → testing → stable-staging → stable.

Besides the above mentioned branching Manjaro do not keep versions of packages for the benefit of lazy users.

If you want a more conservative, predictable system you should use Debian.

My system is fully functional;)

I’m not lazy. It happened due to life circumstances.

I didn’t seem to ask you for advice on which system to use.

I just asked to deploy a temporary repository with binaries packages versions of Gnome Shell and aplications 3.38

If it’s a repository for you, you should build and upload the packages somewhere for you to access. :slight_smile:

This is what I would do without creating this thread on the forum. :rage:

That’s unnecessary, just downgrading the GVFS packages will suffice.

Why should Manjaro deploy a temporary repository just because you haven’t sync’ed your system in a timely fashion?

With a rolling release model you cannot keep some package at a given version this will create a partially syncronized system which is unsupported - but you already know that.

Then why have you created this topic?

You have been using Manjaro for a while - then you know how it works - the branches are snapshots - but as you are late to the party - snapshots have been replaced with newer snapshots.

You cannot possible expect Manjaro or the community so help you to keep a system at another package set than the one in the official repo.

As Manjaro is based on Arch and only differs from Arch on specific packages like kernels, kernel modules, graphic drivers and in-house applications you could take a look at

Maybe you can find the desired packages there - but you may find it difficult to get all related packages - as there may be unsolvable dependencies - but you can try.

I know there is scripts for use with ALA - maybe they can solve the task you are trying to accomplish.


You are the obviousness captain. :laughing: All that you advised, I myself knew. :wink:

I created a thread because someone already asked for this on the forum and the support service responded positively!

If it was so obvious, why did you bother creating this post? I think we’re done here, this is rather pointless.