Create a list with installed packages which are no longer in the repositories

My Manjaro Linux install came into the the years, and I feel it is time to clean up or reinstall (although the second option sounds Windoze-like).

So, I wanted to compare my installed packages with the list of available packages in the Manjaro repository. I am aware of the fact that I can use pacman -Qs to list all remote and installed packages, but it does not tell me if the there is an installed package which is not available remotely.

Is there any chance to retrieve some kind of list - be it a simple list of package names - which I can compare the list of installed packages against?

Please note that I am good in fiddling with bash or some fancy scripting languages like command line PHP, so as soon as I have two text files (one for the installed packages, one for the remote packages), I can compare them in any automated way. I just don’t know how to get a list of remotely available packages.

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This will list all packages from AUR and locally installed:

pacman -Qmq

or if you prefer pamac:

pamac list -mq

Open pamac → installed → foreign

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