Create a gui-ish full disk encryption prompt similar to ubuntu

Hello, this may already be answered somewhere, but I do not know where to look.

In manjaro, if I select the disk to be encrypted, at boot I am presented with a text-based prompt for a password.
If I fail it, I am sent to grub rescue and have to either mount the partition again, or restart the computer.

While in ubuntu and it’s flavors there is a gui-ish prompt with the logo of the OS and a text box to enter the password in.
If I fail the password there, it allows me to try again without having to input any commands or reboot the computer.

Can I do something similar in manjaro?

The main thing I want is to not be sent to grub rescue after a failed attempt, but if there is a way to make the login screen gui-ish that would be a plus



Plymouth splash

Maybe - there is no readily available solution for Manjaro - maybe you can use Plymouth which Ubuntu does.

You may find something in the archive - Plymouth splash was dropped by Manjaro years ago because it was a resource hog and troubleshooting boot issues was problematic. It was dropped over the course of 2017 if I remember correct.

You can search the archive - I know there was one user which explained in detail how to setup a working Plymouth splash.

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