Crashes with plasma 5.23.4 after viewing YouTube or search for something with krunner

@ibrahem Hi
I’m having the same issue. did you filed a bug report or contacted any kde developer and got a fix beside this script?

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Have you installed using pip? If yes, have you considered this as well:

“When installing packages using pip , it is recommended to use a virtual environment to prevent conflicts with system packages in /usr . Alternatively, pip install --user can be used to install packages into the user scheme instead of /usr . pipx and Conda integrate environment management into their workflows.”

Actually this script messed up my desktop after logout.
So i removed it
But I’m having several crashes with plasma 5.23.4 after viewing YouTube or search for something with krunner
It’s not common and happening everytime but one or two per day.
Sometimes it’s log out sometimes black screen and then refreshing plasma shell with clean session
Intel i5 8250u
Intel uhd 620 gpu
I checked the logs
It’s plasma-shell core dumped.
I’m new to manjaro kde so i don’t know if it’s a new issue or old

I’m looking for a solution for this
I can’t keep using manjaro kde with these crashes
It’s closes all the things I’m working on . i hope there’s a fix

It isnt endemic to all KDE systems - mine for example does not crash at all.
You should open a help request with relevant information rather than posting into a [Contributions] workaround thread 2 months old.

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yeah I’m just asking , i thought if this been around for two months maybe somebody found an answer.

Its a ‘contribution’ … a tutorial for a workaround if your system is experiencing such issues.
But it should not be.

So, whether you need help understanding pip, or if you simply have ‘lots of crashes’ … you should open a thread with notes on your experience, attempts at fixing, system information, etc.

after a few online searches. i found that power profile daemon should work with kernels 5.12 or above and i’m using 5.10, so i don’t know if it’s causing the issue or not
but i remember plasma-shell crashes when battery is low and power save profile is on.
So I Switched to testing branch and masked power profile and switched to tlp, perhaps there’s i fix in 5.23.5
Note: I can’t use 5.15 because it’s keeps my Intel CPU freq 1.7 at minimum and it’s broke suspend.
my Hardware specs:
Intel i5 8250u
Intel uhd 620 Gpu1
Amd 530 Gpu2
8 Gb Ram
hard: ssd Nvme