CPU usage popup warning

Is there any way to get a notification popup if the cpu usage of any single core goes above a certain level for a given amount of time?
I’m thinking something similar to the popup that tells you are connected to a wifi.

You can add such widgets from Add widgets>Get new widgets>Download new plasma widgets and find the one you need. I always use Resources Monitor - KDE Store. Because I can always monitor cpu without bringing a terminal or task monitor type stuff. You can alternatively find similar apps like this from Plasma 5 Monitoring - KDE Store. Be sure to choose “Rating” from the top to find better results.

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You could install conky and use the widgets, it will not show you a notification but at any time you monitor the use of the cores directly on the screen, etc.

I’m not that interested in monitoring cpu. If a monitor shows high usage, I will not notice it for a while - after I’ve noticed the increased fan noise. I’d like to just get a warning when some process gets stuck. I.e. when Thunar uses near 800% cpu.

Does that happen that often, so that you want monitor the occurence of it?

The CPU speed is dynamically adjusted to the workload and to your “on battery” settings

It regularly spikes to max.
Of course.
Even on battery.
Why wouldn’t it?

A message about this would help me write much more accurate bug reports to the Thunar developers. Currently the way I first notice the cpu usage is the sound of the fan speeding up. That mean that I notice the problem several minutes after it happened - too late to know what triggered it to happen.
Spikes to 100% is ok. Even if it reminds there for a while. Spikes to 800% is ok for a few seconds. Staying at 800% for minutes is not ok. The Thunar bug causing cpu to stay at 800% until thunar is killed.
I’d like some kin of message that warns when a process is using more than i.e. 80% for more than 30 seconds, or more than 150% for more than 10 seconds. Basically I’d like to tweak these number as low as possible without getting a lot of false warnings.And even if I get warnings when compiling or doing some 3D reder, it’s OK, because I’d know before the warning that I started something the is expected to use lots of cpu.