CPU not fully used running csgo from steam

Hello, I’m new to manjaro and to linux in general.

Running csgo from steam, the cpu usage on manjaro is at 9% and temps at ~56°C. On windows it goes to around 30% usage and 80-90°C. And hence the fps is very low. It seems like the cpu is not being pushed. I run csgo using the prime-run command to use the nvidia card. Cpu is i5-9300h. Graphics Driver: video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-455xx-prime

Any way to use the cpu to it’s full extent?

Which GPU are you using?

gtx 1650

You can try feral gamemode see if it makes a difference, it should stop any throttling going on

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Okay so using gamemode from launch options, “gamemoderun %command%” doesn’t work with prime-run and hence the nvidia card is not used and the fps is further reduced.

It should do have you tried launching with lutris with both options enabled see if that works

Okay so It did work when I launch with “gamemoderun prime-run %command%” and it uses the nvidia card but the fps remained almost the same as before and maybe a little less

Here is what happened-
I launched using lutris. Doesn’t seems there’s any difference in fps if I launch from steam or lutris.

If I launch with “prime-run %command%” The game has like 70% of the fps as compared to windows But it fluctuates so much from 90 to 220.

If I launch with “gamemoderun prime-run %command%” The game has even lower average fps.

One thing I noticed is that after installing gamemode, the average fps went up a little and the cpu usage went to 11-13% and 70-80°C. This is while using only “prime-run %command%”.

I have tried Steam linux runtime, it results in a lower fps. Proton doesnt run for some reason, it asks me to update steam client when it is already updated.

I have no clue what is happening here.

Apparently “echo performance | sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor” or “sudo cpupower frequency-set -g performance” does the job. Now the cpu is at 30% usage and goes upto 90°C. The fps is a bit low but better than before and the shuttering stopped.

That’s because Counter-Strike is installed as a native Linux game, you can’t use Proton unless it installs the Windows version of the game.

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