Cpu max frequency locked to 1.80 ghz

The frequency’s locked to 1.80 ghz, it only happens while i’m using Liquorix kernel

Then… don’t use the Liquorix kernel?

From what I read on /r/linux_gaming over time, the Liquorix kernel isn’t worth using anyway.

What is it that doesn’t make it worth it? The Liquorix kernel doesn’t improve much? Does it have any downsides?

Yes. :arrow_down:

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I tried various “gaming” or “optimized” kernels in the past, they literally made games crash more, with no other benefits whatsoever. This is a myth. Use the good Manjaro LTS kernels.

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You have to compile it every time there is a new kernel.

No real benefits from that kernel

It doesn’t come with any of the Manjaro kernel patches. You’d need to apply those patches yourself while compiling the kernel.

As a heavy gamer… I just stick with the Manjaro kernels.

I saw on AUR that Xanmod’s got the Manjaro patches, is Xanmod worth it?

If you seek gains in performance this is absolutely not where to look for. Why do you want to use a custom Kernel? Ask yourself this question, answer it, then think about it regarding what has already been said here.


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It’s like the guy going to the doctor, saying “doc, it hurts all over when I poke my finger into my chest.”

The doctor looks him up and down, takes his temperature, his blood pressure. Finally, the doctor says to him, “The cure is quite simple, really. Stop poking yourself.”

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