CPU graphics driver won't show up

so it still detects only nvidia and the correct drivers:
video-nvidia-390xx as mentioned the bumblebee that you had installed before is installed only when intel is detected … unless you installed it manully… yes check the live usb

I didn’t install it manually. When I boot in the live USB same problem…

Could it be that my CPU doesn’t have A graphics function? Tho intel’s page suggest that my processor has Intel® HD Graphics 3000…

yes they have their own gpus… but it looks like its just disabled by hp - even though this is slightly different model, its the same issue

also im thinking, since the bumblebee was installed it had to detect the intel card, and after installing the nvidia drivers, the intel one got automatically disabled by bios and it just doesnt show up, even in the live usb…
are you dual booting? is fast startup disabled in windows and is the intel detected there?

Nope my system is Manjaro only. I do hove multiple boot options open in the BIOS. But no Windows or any other distro installed on the drives. I do have fast boot enabled. Now I honestly don’t think that the Intel GPU has ever been available on this system.

EDIT // I’ll now check if there are any BIOS updates that I missed out on.

fast boot should be disabled …
yes thats a good idea, maybe a bios update could help here
and the intel one had to be detected otherwise the bumblebee wouldnt be installed, since its used for switching between gpus

Yeah not any BIOS updates available, I think you’re wright and HP disabled it for some reason. So I’ll move this question to HP forum.

// EDIT: I’ll go ahead and install Windows on this PC to simplify support for HP. Maybe I can find A solution there.

yes, installing win and checking in the win device manager if the intel one is detected … it could be possible to enable it from there, so that it works under linux too