CPU Fan Won't Turn On

I have noticed that the 20mm CPU fan I bought for my RockPro64 doesn’t turn on when using Manjaro ARM. It works with Armbian though. Is there a driver/firmware/etc that has to be downloaded after install to use it ? I ask because I noticed I had to install the firmware for the wifi after the install for it to work as well. I would really prefer to use Manjaro ARM if I can get this working. I bought the 20mm fan from the Pine Store. I am using Manjaro ARM 21.12 Mate.

As far as I know, the mainline kernel does not yet have the required driver for PWM control.

I just thought I would mention for anybody who comes across this: I just did a round of updates which included the 5.15.11 kernel and after that the CPU fan now works on manjaro ARM for me.

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