CPU fan stops spinning after initrd is loaded

I am using manjaro 5.18 kernel (main branch, not zen, hardened, or anything like that) with an MSI Z270 Gaming M3 Motherboard. The system is installed on btrfs (included this since I don’tknow if it is relevant, but it may be worth mentioning since calamares for example doesn’tprovide a festure to install on btrfs [at least as far as I know, bjt maybe I was just too stupid to find it]).
Since I installed manjaro on my pc I always got the following error at startup
bios error (bug) could not resolve symbol [\_pr.cpu0._cpc], ae_not_found
Repeating until cpu3.
I ignored it, since it didn’t impact my performance and read on the arch forum that it can be left as it is if it doesn’t impact performance.
But since yesterday I noticed that my pc got unbearably slow. I somehow thought that I may have misconfigured something in the bios, so I booted into my firmware interface. I noticed the option “CPU fan fail warning” which wasn’t enabled. I choose to enable it, since I wanted to be notified when my cpu fan is leaving my cpu uncooled. I reboot and get a red error indicating that there is something wrong with my cpu.
I open up my pc and watch the fan while it boots. First the fan turns. Then as the kernel is loaded it stops. And doesn’t return back to life from then on. Only if I go back into the firmware interface.
I checked the connectors and they are fine. The fan is able to spin, so I suspect that there is something with the kernel which renders it unable to control the fan.
I also didn’t update my bios in a while. Could this be a possible cause? Should I drop to linux-lts?
I have absolutely no idea how to fix this. I will provide more information if asked for it, since I don’t know what info might be relevant here and what not.

Thanks in advance!

try to do that , if possible , as fast as you can

sudo pacman -Syy
sudo pacman -S lm_sensors 
sudo sensors-detect ( enter choose always good proposal in UPPERCASE ) 
inxi -Fza

is your UEFI motherboard up to date ?

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Yeah, be careful running without cpu fan. I had some old acer laptop, where fan didn’t work. Couldn’t figure how to enable it. Anyway after few weeks it died.

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Thanks for the help! The uefi firmware update did the trick! I will execute the commands you wrote anyways, just to be sure this doesn’t happen again too quickly.

Thanks for warning me about that. I got my hairdryer on only blow mode and direct it towards the CPU cooling block, when I ran it without the cooler. I just hope this didn’t do any permanent damage to it, aincw it still seemed quite slow.
But I guess if I fried my CPU, there is no repairing it myself anyways.

Edit: The CPU is probably damaged. It runs still very very slow, although I have it on 4.2GHz. Well, I wanted to switch to AMD anyways (using intel currently). Just need to get more money to be able to afford it, but I guess there is no going around this now anymore. I will never run my pc ever again without broken fan detection enabled in bios!


This reminds me of my teenage years, when I had some gpu which was overheating and I put a towel and an icepack on it to work.


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