Cpu core usage widget stopped working in taskbar. After fixing attempt taskbar is permanently frozen

After recent update cpu cores usage widget inside the taskbar went blank (instead of row of columns) and showed data only after clicking on it. When i tried to reconfigure widgets visuals, window hanged and screen went black. Shortly after, desktop reappeared, but now taskbar(s), desktop folder widget are permanently frozen (even after reboot), startup menu doesn’t work. I read similar forum topics and tried to create new user and everything is fine on it. How can i fix it?

The first thing I’d try is removing the panel, then creating a new one. This often fixes things.

None of the panels are responding to clicks, they’re just stuck.

Just something to try: log in to the new user, and from a terminal, try moving one of the old user’s settings files.

sudo mv /home/old_user/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc{,.bak}

It worked, although, need to reconfigure all settings from that. Thank you.

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