CPU at 100% while idle running steam

so after installing the newest Nvidia driver 520.56.06 my CPU is doing 100% load while running steam. if i exit steam it goes back to normal.

I timeshifted back to the older version or nvidia and it still does the same, they were also other libraries that were updated but I can’t remember which ones and still timeshift should have reverted those libs, so yeah idk why but steam is doing 100% cpu

Is it possible that Steam is installing some updates for games?

Over which time span did you observe that?

steam is idle, anytime I open steam is doing 100% cpu load, i’ve checked and steam is not installing or doing anything

When it’s happening, check what process(es) are using the CPU with top, htop, btop, etc.

Pretty sure it is the Shader Pre-Caching background process doing what it is supposed to do (recompile shaders when there is a driver update, or a shader update). Did you enable this setting in Steam Settings? You can even see there when it is compiling shaders.

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