Counter-Strike LAN using Hamachi

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to set up a Counter Strike Source server using Hamachi/Haguichi, and Zerotier with no success. I have first created a network with Zerotier, everyone joined but after creating a server in CS:S, nothing appears under “LAN”, same thing with Hamachi, everyone joined the network but nothing appears in the game.

I’ve also tried connecting using the IP adress, it doesn’t find it.

I probably missed a configuration somewhere in Manjaro. I saw that with Windows, I’d have to change the metrics, do I have to do that in Manjaro ?

I apologize in advance as I am not a native english speaker, I hope my explanations are understandable.

Thank you for your help !

NOTE : one of the computer is using a Wi-Fi connection, the other one is using a mobile shared connection.

After many hours, I found a solution, I’ll share it in case someone else needs it since I haven’t found it anywhere on the net.
Here’s the tutorial :

First, open CS:S needed ports on your router :
TCP : 27015, 27036
UDP : 27015, 27020, 27031 to 27036

NOTE : don’t use Hamachi, it will not work since it doesn’t use class C ip adresses. CS:S being an old game, it NEEDS this.

Create a network on zerotier’s website.
Configure it so it uses CLASS C IPv4 adresses, the adresses that start at and end at

Install on every computer the zerotier-one client from the official repositories.
Then, everyone must join the network by typing
sudo zerotier-one -d
(to start the service) and
sudo zerotier-cli join < network ID from zerotier >

Back on the zerotier’s network’s webpage, write down the LOCAL IP adress attributed to the server’s computer (192.-.-.-)

On the server, start CS:S and launch a new game.

On the clients, start CS:S and join the game USING THE CONSOLE by typing
connect < server’s local IP adress from zerotier >:27015

Hope this helps.
Enjoy your LAN party !

Heh, and here I still havent played anything above 1.6, and still miss 1.5

(sa_treetops anyone :sweat_smile:)


For the oldies theres some in-browser things out there … like

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