Counter-Strike 2 always goes through a 2.4gb update whenever i open my computer

Exactly as the title says, whenever i turned on my computer and opened steam, cs2 and other downloaded games would go through an update every single time. It would be a 2gb update for cs2 and 30-150 mb for other games. This happened when i first installed manjaro but stopped after i reinstalled manjaro again. But now its happening again.

Please give me some advice on how to fix this

This has nothing to do with Manjaro, it is probably the Shader Pre Caching feature in Steam. If you download it again something may be wrong with your Steam installation, or there is maybe really shader updates.

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Steam → Settings → Downloads → scroll down to Shader Pre-Caching.

Enabling this feature may slightly increase disk and bandwidth usage

And then it tells me I have about 5GB pre-cached… :joy: :joy:

I have a fast internet connection and plenty of disk space so it doesn’t bother me (although 2GB every day would, 30-150 MB per game is normal). If you do turn it off you might as well delete the shader cache too

rm -rf ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/shadercache

I checked and saw that it was already turned on. So i turned it on and off and restarted the pc and the 2.4 gb update for cs2 came again

Ok, so the CS2 download isn’t shaders. I don’t play CS2 and I don’t know why that one game is doing that, but I’d try right-click game in Library → Properties → Installed Files → Verify integrity of game files.

If that doesn’t help then try uninstalling and re-installing it

Do you have a disk space problem so the update can not complete properly?

no, i have another 80 gigs left in the drive and everytime it only updates 2.4 gb nothing more or less

If you do not have Shader Pre Caching enabled, and you have a 2.4GB CS 2 GAME update every time you start Steam, check with Steam support maybe.

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it still happens even after reinstalling the game

Give full terminal output when starting Steam from terminal, until it finishes downloading the update.

Steam tells me i have almost 7GB Shadercache (holy crap), but im here to say that your folderlink not works when you have a second steam library on another drive.

Right, makes sense I guess that the shader cache location follows the library location.

Btw, I just nuke that whole folder once in a while anyway, games that I’m currently playing will rebuild anything they need. Making that post reminded me to do it and 3 days later it’s only back up to 1GB so far :joy:

Is there a reason why you deleted it after a while? Did you saw a performance improvement or you doing it for saving diskspace and trade it for SSD wear?

I don’t have a good reason beyond the suspicion that, like many other caches, it just seems to accumulate space without ever freeing it. And SSD wear from deleting 5GB once or twice a month is a non-issue (as is SSD wear in general for typical desktop use).

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Steam Shader Pre-caching is only there to grow, it downloads shader cache files and it will grow because usually games don’t remove content and effects and all, these files are here to grow but removing will just add more overall work in the end (and a temporary disk space gain), it will need to redownload the cache later if the feature is still enabled and the games not uninstalled, it will need to recompile the shaders (which it already does on video driver update) before starting your game. If you use the feature there is no good reason to wipe the shader cache folder, unless you’re troubleshooting an issue.

Back on topic:

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I have a fast unlimited internet connection. Takes seconds.

Which is why I usually do this after a Stable Update when it’s going to recompile them anyway for games that I’m still playing

YMMV. Not saying it’s required but given the above conditions it doesn’t hurt anything either and it’s just part of my regular system maintenance along with things like pacman cache (keep only 2 of each package) and ~/.cache. (delete cruft older than 60 days).

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