Couldn't restore tabs in firefox

i am on firefox version 100, when i try to launch firefox after booting up it goes back to launch same the home page rather than launching previous tabs even though i have turned on the “open previous windows and tabs” on startup setting in firefox! please help

Hi @Mmshukla21,

According to the knowledgebase:

Always restore sessions on start

By default this feature is off, but can be turned on from the Options/Preferences menu. In the Main panel, under Startup, set “When Firefox starts” to “Show my windows and tabs from last time”. This will have Firefox restore your tabs and form data to their state when Firefox closed (the related preference is

If you want Firefox to restore multiple windows you need to close Firefox via “File -> Exit” (“File -> Quit” on Linux, “Firefox -> Quit Firefox” on Mac OS). Closing the windows one at a time will cause Firefox to only restore the last window that was closed.

Just something to check out, if you want:

I don’t like it doing that. I like it fresh every morning when I start my PC. But I know I’m not you and you’re not me. So look at the new tab tools extension. Maybe it works for you, maybe not.

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