Could you please add Global to continent

Maybe it’s not possible but I usually use `

pacman-mirrors --continent

It works well and I get lots of fasts mirrors localized on my continent (Europe) without the global ones.
When I ask for new mirrors without localization option Global is in the list and faster than everyone else even those localized on my continent.

So, could you please add the global ones when we set continent ?

You can do the Global list with:
sudo pacman-mirrors -c Global

It’s -c for Country. :wink:

The Global mirrors are CDN based, which means they should redirect automatically to a server close to you.

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Yes you are right but I wanted to have both.

Well, then use --fastrack 5 / -f5 and you’ll get a mix depending on which are up to date.

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I’ve made some tests

pacman-mirrors -c Global
0.152 Global :

pacman-mirrors --continent
0.156 Germany :
0.215 Netherlands : Eric's Linux mirror server
0.216 Belgium : Index of /manjaro
0.235 Germany : Index of /manjaro/
0.246 Germany : Index of /manjaro/
0.252 Netherlands :
0.266 United_Kingdom :
0.275 United_Kingdom : Index of /manjaro/repos
0.284 Czech : Index of /manjaro/
0.299 Germany : Index of /manjaro/
0.299 Netherlands : Index of /manjaro
0.303 Germany :
0.313 Switzerland :
0.317 Switzerland : Index of /manjaro/

Which means I have 14 mirrors from 6 differents countries that are faster than 0.320 BUT I don’t have Global.

pacman-mirrors -f 5
0.192 Switzerland : Index of /manjaro/
0.195 Germany : Index of /manjaro/
0.204 Netherlands : Index of /manjaro
0.212 Netherlands : Eric's Linux mirror server
0.302 Netherlands : FTP archive directory /pub/os/Linux/distr/manjaro/

Which means I don’t have Global either.

The only thing I asked is to count Global as a country for each continent by default to have the best of both world.

“-f5”, randomly select 5 mirrors from the list, then test only these 5. So it’s possible to have no global in this 5 (only 2 global /100 mirors)

pacman-mirrors -c Global,Germany,Netherlands is valid

Please read the man page on pacman-mirrors or the wiki which explains how it works.

man pacman-mirrors

Country is a category containing a number of mirrors - and the countries are read from mirrors.json file.

Continent is a category containing a number of countries.

Global is neither a country nor a continent but any and all mirrors at any given point in time and as such it does not make sense to implement your request.

You have the option of configuring your own mirror-pool - and such mirror pool is only ever changed by yourself.

So running e.g. fasttrack on a custom mirror pool will only include mirrors defined in that pool.

You can create such pool using the suggestion from @papajoke using the --country/-c argument followed by valid entries from the default pool defined by Manjaro.

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I’ve script something to achieve my personal goal. If anyone is interested :

sudo pacman-mirrors --continent -q
cat /var/lib/pacman-mirrors/custom-mirrors.json | jq -r ‘.[].country’ | sort -u | tr -s ‘\n’ ‘,’ > /tmp/countries.txt
echo “Global” >> /tmp/countries.txt
sudo pacman-mirrors -c $(< /tmp/countries.txt)

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