Could some of the emoticons be removed from the selection?

I see the middle finger :fu: being used and I find it a bit too toxic and direct. The gun :gun:, I can also see being misused.

I mean, if there is time for, it would be nice if someone reviews these emoticons and remove what is possibly too extreme. If it is possible off course.


Please flag or message moderators about improper use of emojis
(such as putting a ‘poo’ on every post … etc)

Also - I think we had done something similar on the old forum and disabled a few.
I personally dont see any need for such emojis - there are a number of other ones to accomplish the same retort… but regardless of that - folks can still abuse even ‘neutral’ emojis or otherwise exhibit anti-social behavior … in all cases these should be reported if it cant be handled by the parties involved themselves.

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I’ve already done that. The middle finger was put on a post of mine ─ probably with good intentions, but it does now look as if it was directed at me ─ and I think that it is this post @datiswous is now referring to.

Alas, even as a moderator, I have no way of removing that emoji from my post. It’ll have to be done by an admin.

The poo emoji has already been removed from the list by @codesardine. :wink:

Yeah that was the misused one by far … though … mainly by only a certain few individuals.

This is why we cant have cold fusion.

Please elaborate. The physicist in me is intrigued. :slight_smile:

So it will be removed, you mean? Because I can still use it.

You are correct ─ it is still there. And yet, I distinctly remember him saying on the chat that he had removed it. :thinking:

What? How is poor @AlienProber (aka AgentX/AgentTroll) supposed to communicate, then? :rofl:

I think I got in trouble with the Mods due to using middle finger emoticon or or at least at a “something by the Community” message. This was say back a few years ago. I forgotten what issue I was arguing with some new poster about, what a start a thread ranting about Manjaro, FOSS, or even about Rolling Release itself.

An alternative to ‘this is why we cant have nice things’ :wink:

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Yeah, but as a reaction to a post they can only use one emoticon.
If people use them inside posts, the post can be flagged, but if used as a reaction it doesn’t make sense to flag the post.

There are other nice things tough:

risky click of the day
(if this is about how there is nothing else in physics but magnetism I will throw this chair at you)


Surely not…

So its all OT … but … I see no peer-reviewed studies or any similar things cited …
(or really any straight-forward explanation of how it works)

Lets not go there :wink:

okey doke … but … I generally like open-source … especially in my science.