Could not connect: Network is unreachable

Get this error:

pamac update
Failed to query[]=android-sdk-build-tools&arg[]=angrysearch&arg[]=babl-git&arg[]=bluez-hciconfig&arg[]=bluez-hcitool&arg[]=camlpdf&arg[]=cpdf&arg[]=dislocker&arg[]=dtv-scan-tables-git&arg[]=electron3-bin&arg[]=fatrace&arg[]=freshfetch-git&arg[]=fsearch-git&arg[]=fswatch&arg[]=galaxybuds-batterylevel-git&arg[]=geekbench&arg[]=gegl-git&arg[]=gimp-plugin-resynthesizer&arg[]=glmark2-git&arg[]=google-chrome&arg[]=google-earth-pro&arg[]=google-play-music-desktop-player-bin&arg[]=jdownloader2&arg[]=libavresample&arg[]=libglade&arg[]=libopenaptx&arg[]=linux-latest&arg[]=linux-latest-headers&arg[]=linux-latest-virtualbox-host-modules&arg[]=m64py&arg[]=mangohud&arg[]=mangohud-common&arg[]=mhwd-nvidia-340xx&arg[]=mips-linux-gnu-binutils&arg[]=mips64-elf-binutils&arg[]=ocs-url&arg[]=parlatype&arg[]=pepper-flash&arg[]=popcorntime-ru-bin&arg[]=pygtk&arg[]=python-gpustat&arg[]=python-nvidia-ml-py3-git&arg[]=python-pynput&arg[]=python-pysdl2&arg[]=python-setuptools-lint&arg[]=python2-gimp&arg[]=python2-gobject2&arg[]=scrcpy&arg[]=stacer&arg[]=testdisk-wip&arg[]=uml_utilities&arg[]=virtualbox-ext-oracle&arg[]=w_scan2&arg[]=youtubedl-gui from AUR: Could not connect: Network is unreachable
Synchronizing package databases...
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...

To upgrade (4):
  firefox             94.0.2-1  (94.0.1-1)  extra      63.2 MB
  firefox-i18n-en-us  94.0.2-1  (94.0.1-1)  extra      428.7 kB
  firefox-i18n-es-es  94.0.2-1  (94.0.1-1)  extra      465.3 kB
  sddm-breath2-theme  1.0.20-1  (1.0.18-5)  community  206.7 kB

Total download size: 64.3 MB
Total installed size: 413.1 kB

Apply transaction ? [y/N] N

Transaction cancelled.

But apparently finds the updates. What is going on?

Fixed running sudo pacman-mirrors -f 2 to switch to:

Mirror #2   OK  00:28   United_Kingdom

To avoid this sort of problem I always run:

sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip && pamac update -a
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Thanks a lot. This should be the default behavior already.
This is the proper command:

$ sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip && sudo pacman -Syyu && pamac update -a --force-refresh

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Actually, the “Network is unreachable” error was because the AUR server failed to respond, probably because it’s being flooded with requests from all of the people who are installing Manjaro’s stable update with pamac instead of pacman.


Right because pacman doesn’t pull AUR, or if does, how to do it?

@Tribble @NGr

You should always do a full db refresh after touching mirrors.
(and you should always update while syncing…)
So after using pacman-mirrors you should run one of the following:

sudo pacman -Syyu
pamac update --force-refresh

(you may include -a with pamac if you wish as well)

As to the mirrors flags … -f is random working mirrors while -g attempts local ones, but for global:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f0


Thank you, I have updated my alias to include --force-refresh

All those things should be done automatically with a sudo pacman update or pamac update. Why the heck put the end user in a such a burden to have to know so many intricate things?

This is the updated command then:

$ sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip && sudo pacman -Syyu && pamac update -a --force-refresh

Both aren’t necessary, it’s either sudo pacman -Syyu OR pamac update --force-refresh -a

Because users are responsible for their systems, db refreshes hammer the servers and take longer, and you dont/shouldnt be sorting mirrors often.

I guess you could also just blindly point-and-click using the GUI and it should take care of most things for you. But its still up to you how informed you are.

Resources you can use include wikis, --help and man pages, the user guide, and more.

I don’t use the gui because I usually want to run time and ionice as wrappers for the command, so the GUI isn’t that practical.

And now that you have sorted mirrors and refreshed … you just run pamac regularly (pamac install pamac upgrade etc) … what is impractical about that ?

Guys, what are talking about?
It is not relevant to pacman mirrors servers, cause pacman get updates only from repos (by default they are: core, extra, community, multilib). Here we have

absolutely correct.

AUR service was unavailable at that moment: you see the errors of attempts to reach AUR server.
But Manjaro server with that 4 repos are online and you got other updates (of repos packages only) from them.
That’s what going on.


I saw the thread marked as solved, but the post is not the solution. The solution is to report it on forum and to wait (servers could be less busy later or Manjaro team could involve into fixing process).
That’s what to do.

Detailed description was submitted by @anon59284200 I should take the solution fro the Pamac update Network is unreachable - #3 by NGr post and to mark the Pamac update Network is unreachable - #5 by ben81 post as solution.

Sorry, I did it in the truth purpose only: to do not to mislead all members and other readers of our forum.
Of course you can blame me and to report that me action to moderators.

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