"Could not call proc." when installing a game with wine

I’m trying to install LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (2009) with Lutris and Wine, using a repack from rutor.info based on GOG version of the game.

I already installed NFS most wanted and Skyrim and that worked fine, but not this game.

When I’m launching the installer for Lego game it launches, I select default language option and then…

Runtime Error (at 142:746): Could not call proc.

I can’t find any useful information on this error, so… Maybe someone here knows what can be done.

Did you try: Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga - Lutris
That site has a forum also especially for issues with games via lutris :wink:

Can’t install version from that link. (I’m trying both GOG versions)

It’s opens my Lutris and shows me this, but I can’t do anything with it:

Can’t downoad, can only select file.

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In their pinned topic: Please read before asking for help - Support - Lutris Forums
They even mention our Discord server for faster feedback…

Pirated games are not supported.