Could it be adding Wise as a payment method for Donations?

Greetings, since it is not a technical thing, I have placed it in this category. Only in the form of a consultation and not a request in case it is misinterpreted, I have currently been wanting to donate to the project for some time, only that I have problems with my Paypal account, and I do not have a credit card for financial reasons, it would be possible to include Wise as Payment method for donations? Is it the only account I have access to internationally for payments in dollars. I really want to support the project if I can’t with ideas and development maybe with jsjss money.

I always use the normal Bank Transfer option for donation, maybe outside EU it isn’t a solution…

OpenCollective is using Wise to transfer money.

Oh yeah, so im not live in EU, im from Brazil hehe

Currently only credit cards are available, but I will look into them in more detail.

From what I have verified, I think that the one who is going to receive has to activate accepting Wise within his organization.