Cougar 700M mouse issue

hi guys,I have a cougar 700m mouse would like to be able to edit the keys I’m use to using their UIX on windows so was wondering if i can do the same on linux? kind of miss not having that double click button :stuck_out_tongue:

though there is one issue that i have been having on other distro’s like pop os and mint and on manjaro too.when i click the sniper button it disables the mouse and i have to do a hard reboot to get it working being able to edit the keys is kind of important.

Just for reference, someone had the same issue and posted on the old classic forum over 5 years ago:

It’s been viewed almost 700 times with no replies. I would recommend a different brand.

thanks for that,yeah it looks like it the conflict might be in the linux kernel as it was happening on debian and kde based distro’s i have tried out.

and doing a quick google search for gaming friendly mice and they are all the same design which cause pain for my hand