Corrupted RAM and SIGSEGV issues on RockPro64

I have problems with my RockPro64 board. All programs are still getting SIGSEGV. Literally ALL. For example pacman, cp, rsync, java. Completely random programs. I thought that it may be the problem with corrupted RAM so I ran memtester utility and it failed on almost every test. Is it possible that my RAM module or socket is broken? Can it be the problem with the hardware. How can I be sure?

memtester output: https:/

And BTW my screen flickers. Does anyone know how to fix it?

This is definitely hardware problem. As you are using cheap SOC board with everything soldered, you don’t have much choice.
Boot from another media (separate clean SD card image or USB, whatever your board accepts), to exclude possibility of your OS interference and repeat the test.
Also, make sure your board is not overheating, try to cool it down or put some small heatsink as a last resort attempt to see if this can be salvaged.

if memtester errors exist on clean LiveCD image or cleanly just installed system then your board is toasted and you need to look for replacement.