Corrupted files after transfer to USB stick

Hi everyone,

I’m currently using manjaro as daily driver, and everything works fine for me, and I’m trying to use with open source and free software packages, however I’m facing problems only in manjaro that I’m not experienced it in other distros based on Ubuntu, the problem is when I tried to transfer any files [zip, mp4, etc] I get very fast transfer rate !! 1 GB in less than 4 second ! After I remove the flash memory the movie or file is not working and corrupted !!
How can I get normal transfer rate easily without deep dive in terminal :slight_smile:
thank you in advance.

Use the eject button in your file manager.

Read this excellent article on Linux filesystem cache.

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I’m using it every time.

Don’t pull the stick until the device is removed from the filemanager


I agree with you, but transfer progress show me its already finished a long time !

But if you eject or unmount it via the file manager - it’ll tell you to wait until actually writing the data to the device is finished.
You could use sync in a terminal.
Once that finishes - it’s the same thing.

just don’t disconnect the device without ejecting or unmounting it first

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Thank you I will do it , and I hope to find a simple solution to show the actual transfer percentage.

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